The Four Horsemen Series


A fiery polyamorous paranormal romance set in the weirdest part of the West. 

Silver-tongued and feisty, Alice is none too happy about her promotion to marshal, even in a town that’s pretty as sin. Somebody’s hunting down the sheriff’s hellhounds, and it’s her business to find out who’s doing the killing. If that ain’t enough, her long-lost love is back from the dead—only he doesn’t remember a damned thing. 

Jasper Redgrave rides into Scorpion Creek to purge the West of infernal beasts, but it ain’t easy when the marshal’s as good at kissing as she is at sparking the unnatural fight in his blood. And that power’s more dangerous for these townspeople than the bullets he carries. 

When Jasper pulls handsome drifter Cody from the jaws of a hellhound, he’s another distraction Jasper can’t afford, though there’s no denying their shared yearning for each other. Cody’s got enough secrets to rival Jasper’s own, including his inexplicable, profound connection to Alice, the marshal with a striking gaze.

There’s only one problem: she’s the hellhound on their trail.

Once fate drags the unlikely trio together, the heat between them puts the fires of hell itself to shame. But soon enough, they’re tangling with a demon sheriff who’s got a grudge wider than the creek the town’s named for. Alice’s binding contract to him sets her forced loyalty against her wants and desires, Jasper’s deadliest secret begins to unravel, and Cody’s immortal soul is caught in the crossfire. 

Fate might not be enough to keep them together, much less alive. 

Expected Publication in 2022.